Guts and Garters
*Candy Thorne, 22, NZ*

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Qualified seamstress, show photographer, and amateur burlesque performer and pin-up model.

I enjoy lingerie, bold fashion, the macabre, Harry Potter, cats, mermaids, tacky patterns, shoes, bright makeup, coloured hair, corsetry, Disney, comic books...

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Actual goddess Minori

I made a small post about her on my Japanese/alternative culture blog nightfeverking and I’ll be making one again that explains more about Shironuri. I’d like to try this style one day.


Post-apocalyptic Tokyo by Tokyogenso


Ruth Marshall

RUTH MARSHALL brings attention to illegal wildlife trade and species loss in a way that unites a new, widened audience of scientists, art enthusiasts and the general public. Her textile pelts exemplify how artisan goods have the potential to have higher commercial value than a poached skin on the black market. The result would be a paradigm shift of the incentive in wildlife trade, which is one of the largest illegal activities in the world. Her textiles reinforce that support of conservation and a society’s culture is a more sustainable, viable and lucrative endeavor than the illegal wildlife trade.


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Thom Browne S/S 2011

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The surreal fashion photography by Miss Aniela

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