Hi, I'm Candy. I'm 23 years old and originally from Wellington, New Zealand. Currently living in Osaka, Japan

I am a qualified seamstress, an experienced burlesque photographer, and an amateur burlesque performer and pin-up model.

You can view some of my work in those fields on my Facebook page (linked in the sidebar), though I am not updating those portfolios for the forseeable future.

View my personal posts for my outfits and wigs, and images from my day-to-day life in Japan

I love getting messages so please feel free to send me any asks you have about life in Japan, or about my outfits!

On my blog you will find; lingerie and corsetry, bold fashion, bright makeup and hair, the macabre, travel, nature, Harry Potter, cats, mermaids, feminism, Disney, comic books, and anime.